Configuration Best Practice

Dynamics CRM has opened a wide space for configuration and its really fun configuring CRM. But the important thing is to properly configure the system which will look consistent.


  1. Dynamics CRM and Microsoft applications are well known for its User Interface and Its best practice to follow the legacy UI rules of Microsoft that’s why always create icons for custom entities.
  2. Remove fields from the forms that may not be used for business requirement.
  3. Ensure that fields are arranged in the correct tab order with correct section.
  4. Make unused out-of-the-box fields hidden and set the searchable property as ‘False’ so they don’t appear in Advanced Fields.
  5. Clean up navigation area on each record to remove items not being used.
  6. Remove areas and sub-areas from the main sitemap that would not be used.
  7. Wisely use the auditing feature and understand when to turn OFF auditing!
  8. Create consistent views for each entities.
  9. Make search better–Configure the filter columns according to business requirement.


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About the Author: The Softchief

Microsoft Certified Consultant in Dynamics 365 with strong client communication skills and in-depth hands-on experience on system customization and applications with extended Microsoft Technologies.