What can be Customized in CRM

Dynamics CRM provides a flexible system to customize in a easy way. There are various components those which can be customized in CRM. I termed a word to remember all customization areas in an abbreviation form called as SSPUAT as explained below. Before I will jump to the customization and configuration scope lets discuss what modules are available in CRM.

Modules of Dynamics CRM

  1. Sales 
    • This module deals with a sales life cycle. Like capturing Leads and converting to a valid opportunity following a prospective sale.
    • Entities involved in this modules are : Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice, Competitor, Activities etc.
  2. Services
    • This modules provides the services required for a customer like setting up contracts and providing service, creating cases and case resolutions etc.
    • Entities involved in this modules are : Contract, Case, Service Calendar, Engineers, Service Activity etc.
  3. Marketing
    • This module targets for marketing of the business products by setting up pre-defined campaign activity and capturing customer response to up-sell the products.
    • Entities involved in this modules are : Marketing List, Campaign, Campaign Response, Sales Literature etc.
  4. Administration
    • This module enables Administrators to manage the CRM system as a whole. Starting from user management to system heath management, all are combined in this module
    • Some of the features in this modules are : User Setup, Security Role Setup, Duplicate Detection Rule Setup, System Settings, Data Imports, Customization etc. 


The above concepts are a basic understanding on CRM system but there is some in-depth concepts which we can learn by understanding the CRM architecture and customization scope.

Please keep a note that Dynamics CRM is nothing but a ASP.NET web application with SQL in back-end with IIS deployment but a bit complex architecture with robust data model. So a .net resource can be a master in CRM easily.

Now lets discuss What we can customize in Dynamics CRM system.I termed a word to remember all customization areas in an abbreviation form called as SSPUAT as explained below.


S Schema Customization

  • Schema customization involves below customization
    • Creating new Custom entities/Modifying existing Custom Entity
    • Modifying Customizable entities
    • Creating new Attributes/Fields, Editing existing fields
    • Creating relationships (1:N, N:1, N:N)
    • Creating/ Modifying system views
    • Entity and Field Auditing Setup
    • Offline availability configuration

S Security Customization

  • Security customization involves below customization
    • Role Based security model
    • Record based (Sharing & Assigns)
    • Field Based security
    • Hierarchy security
    • Security driven entity forms

P Process Customization

  • Process customization involves below customization
    • Configuring Workflows & Dialogs
    • Writing Custom Workflow Activities
    • Writing Plug-ins
    • Configuring Business Process Flows (BPF)
    • Creating Business Rules
    • Defining Custom Actions
    • Duplicate Detection Rule Setup
    • Bulk Deletion JOB setup

U User Interface Customization

  • UI customization involves below customization
    • Ribbon/Command bar Editing
    • Sitemap Editing (CRM 2011)
    • Entity Form Design
    • Global Option Sets
    • Web Resources
    • Solutions

A Analytics Customization

  • Analytics customization involves below customization
    • Creating Reports
    • Creating Charts
    • Building Dashboards

T Template Customization

  • Template customization involves below customization
    • Article Template design
    • Contract template design
    • Mail Merge Template Design

Except the above customization scope we write custom batch jobs, custom websites, web services to fit our business need.

So lets discuss the below points for a clear understanding.

What can be configured?

ANS : Workflows, Dialogs, Reports, Personal Views can be configured.

What can be Customized?

ANS: Plugins, Form scripts, Ribbon and Sitemap can be customized.

Thanks for reading the article.Please comment if I missed anything.

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