Complete Product Catalog Guide

This article holds all the required concept to use and configure Product Catalog using,

A product catalog is a collection of products with their pricing information. The product catalog entities let you create a rich product classification system in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides support for … A bundle or a kit is a collection of products that is sold as single unit.


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Unit Groups  – Concept & Configuration

Pricing Lists – Concept & Configuration

Discount Lists – Concept & Configuration

Product Life Cycle – Concept & Configuration

Product Relationship – Concept & Configuration

Product Family, Product Properties, Product Bundles

Write-In Products (Products do not exist in system)

We can also use write-in products in opportunity or Quote or Orders, These are the products which are not configured in the system. Lets say we want to give some credit amount for training to customer or we can charge some more for delivery charge then we can configure it in the system.

TAX configuration

We can configure the TAX related to products in the system

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