Create Business Process Flow

Here we will discuss what is business process flow and why it is needed and how to develop and configure it by an example.


Points to be noted on BPF:

  • Guided Process to get work done
  • Streamlined User Experience for data entry
  • Visual indicator
  • Avoid mistake and Quick process
  • BPF integration with other customization
  • Lead to Opportunity Sales Process
  • Opportunity Sales Process
  • Phone to Case Process
  • Multiple entity in BPF
  • Switch Process
  • Enable in entity definition
  • Maximum number of processes, stages, and steps
  • There can be no more than 10 activated business process flow processes per entity.
  • Each process can contain no more than 30 stages.
  • Multi-entity processes can contain no more than five entities.

Watch the practical video here.

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