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Create Outlook Filters Programmatically using C# in DYnamics 365

Sometimes we need to create offline filters using C#. Here is a sample code that we can use.

String contactName = String.Format("offlineFilteredContact {0}", DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString());
String fetchXml = 
String.Format("<fetch version=\"1.0\" output-format=\"xml-platform\" mapping=\"logical\"><entity name=\"contact\"><attribute name=\"contactid\" /><filter type=\"and\">" +
    "<condition attribute=\"ownerid\" operator=\"eq-userid\" /><condition attribute=\"description\" operator=\"eq\" value=\"{0}\" />" +
    "<condition attribute=\"statecode\" operator=\"eq\" value=\"0\" /></filter></entity></fetch>", contactName);
SavedQuery filter = new SavedQuery();
filter.FetchXml = fetchXml;
filter.IsQuickFindQuery = false;
filter.QueryType = SavedQueryQueryType.OfflineFilters;
filter.ReturnedTypeCode = Contact.EntityLogicalName;
filter.Name = "ReadOnlyFilter_" + contactName;
filter.Description = "Sample offline filter for Contact entity";
_offlineFilter = _serviceProxy.Create(filter);

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