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There are Millions of Websites providing Resources, tools and sample codes for MS Dynamics CRM Developers. But here I have compiled a list of tools, blogs that really essential for Dynamics CRM Developers. 

Dynamics CRM Useful Tools

 We can get tricky things of CRM Customization concepts by following the blogs listed in this post, Also here i have compiled all tools, scripts and resources frequently used by Developers. This Post provides a one stop information related to customizing CRM.
  • MSDN-Channel9
    This is Microsofts Video Streaming Site from where we can find Ready made video walkthroughs on Dynamics CRM also for Other Concepts also you can try.
  • Technet For Developers
    Technet being the Resource Repository for developers, here there are excellent resources from where CRM Developers can get benefited. Digg into more for other resourcs.
  • MSDN CRM Blog
    MSDN Blog is the CRM Blog from the Developers of MS Dynamics CRM. We can get the current Posts on CRM.

The complete list of tools are listed below

Top 10 Tools we frequently use

Another article in Technet for best CRM tools.

Excellent CRM Blog Sites We Must Follow

View Complete list of best sites here.

Lets have a look into the complete list

Tool Name Category Description Application Type
CRM 2011 Workflow Utilities Workflows Custom workflow activities for CRM 2011 for: Delete record, Share or “unshare” a record, Insert hyperlink to a CRM record Managed Solution
Microsoft CRM PluginQuickDeploy Plugins This tool is made for speeding up your plugin development against Microsoft CRM 2011 Console Application
Slider Form Control Form Controls Slider control for use in forms Managed Solution
Star Rating Control Form Controls Star rating control for use in forms Managed Solution
Silverlight CRM Image Attachment Form Controls Provides a simple way to add a changable image to a CRM 2011 form/entity. The image is stored in the notes, leveragin core CRM. Silverlight Application
CRM 2011 Lookup Preview Form Controls Control that shows the preview of selected lookup record Managed Solution
CRM2011 TreeView for Lookup Form Controls Will enable users to use TreeView control to select Lookup data where Lookup is having Self Joined (e.g. account entity having Parent Account) Managed Solution
CRM2011 TreeView for Dependant Picklist Form Controls Enables Users to use Dependent Picklist data in TreeView form. Having data displayed in TreeView form makes data selection easier and faster Managed Solution
File upload control – MS CRM 2011 Form Controls MS CRM 2011, adding a custom control for File Uploading purpose inside the forms, by using the features of MS CRM itself. Javascript Application
MSCRM Rich Textbox Form Controls This plug-in gives you the feature of adding Rich text box in MS CRM 2011 forms without using any server side HTML or JS or Aspx page. Javascript Application
CRM2011 User Settings Utility Form Controls Update user settings for multiple users from one location. Desktop Application
Related records explorer Form Controls Silverlight tree control to see the related records(upto any level) of current opened record in form. The entities and the relationships to display is configurable. Managed Solution
MSCRM2011 Twitter Integration Form Controls Display recent 10 twits related to customer in MS CRM 2011. Web Resource App
LINQPad Plugin for MSCRM2011 General Development Helps write and execute LINQ queries. Desktop Application
CRM2011 OData Query Designer General Development Silverlight app that allows you to build OData queries and execute them and view the ATOM and JSON data returned. Desktop Application
Connection Controls General Development Connection Controls for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier for developer to implement discovery and authentication mechanism in their winform project. VS Library
CRM2011 Code Snippets General Development A set of JavaScript and C# code snippets to facilitate common Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 development for Visual Studio 2010. JavaScript and C# snippets
Developer Toolkit General Development Enables integration with Visual Studio and is focused on accelerating the development of custom code Solution components. Included in the SDK. Visual Studio Add-in
Bulk Delete CRM Attributes General Development Bulk Deletion Tool Desktop Application
Skype Connector for CRM 2011 Integration Allow you to communicate via Skype (outbound calls) directly from a CRM contact record Managed Solution
InfoPath to CRM Integration Enables you to accept emailed InfoPath forms and convert them to entities Managed and Unmanaged Solution
google maps viewer Integration Managed Solution for Dynamics CRM 2011 for embedding google maps in any address form Managed Solution
Skype Connector for Dynamics CRM2011 Integration Skype Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011 enables you to integrate inbound Skype calls with Dynamics CRM. Projects consists of two components: agent tray application & Solution for CRM 2011 (Unmanaged or managed). Managed Solution and Desktop App
JavaScript Web Resource Manager JavaScript Development Helps CRM developers to extract javascript web resources to disk, maintain them and import changes back to CRM database Desktop App
CRM4.0 to CRM2011 JavaScript Converter JavaScript Development Helps convert scripts to the latest CRM 2011 Form scripting model Desktop App
MSCRM Javascript Intellisense Generator JavaScript Development Provide intellisense in Visual Studio for CRM scripting model Visual Studio include file
Toggle visibility JavaScript Development Control visibility of controls, sections, tabs, navigation JavaScript App
Change color of form header and footer JavaScript Development Change color of form header and footer CSS and JS
XrmServiceToolkit JavaScript Development JavaScript library for easier JS development. Enables you to execute REST, SOAP methods and other common functions needed Managed and Unmanaged Solution
XrmSvcToolkit JavaScript Development XrmSvcToolkit is a small JavaScript library that helps you access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 web service interfaces (SOAP and REST). Managed and Unmanaged Solution
CRM 2011 JavaScript Model Generator JavaScript Development This tool will increase developer productivity as well as performance in regards to client-side scripting on CRM 2011 entity forms.. Console Application
CRM 2011 Visual Studio Tools JavaScript Development The tool will listen to the Traffic and when it identifies a JavaScript WebResource file, it will exchange it with your local copy. So you can edit and test the Script directly after you saved the file on your harddrive. You can test the script inside CRM without the need of uploading it to CRM. VS Add-in
CrmXpress Trace Helper Maintanance & Administration Helps you to enable/disable tracing for CRM components with few clicks. Also gives you the option to manage the trace files from within a single window. Desktop App
Diagnostics Tool Maintanance & Administration Helps you enable trace and devErrors on CRM server. It also generates an HTML report file with information about the CRM deployment Desktop App
CRM2011 Maintenance Job Editor Maintanance & Administration This utility is to be used for editing the CRM 2011 maintenance jobs which are automatically scheduled by the installation of CRM Desktop App
CrmXpress OptionSet Manager Maintanance & Administration Tool to manage all your Option Sets in your CRM 2011 system. It lets you create new Option Sets, update Options in existing Option Sets and delete Options Desktop App
Multiple Attachment Download Application Maintanance & Administration MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 & 2011 don’t have a way for Administrators to Export attachments from database to local machine. This Application allows you to do so Desktop App
Role Updater Maintanance & Administration Add or remove privileges to multiple security roles in one operation Desktop App
Count CRM users Maintanance & Administration Get a count of the number of users across all of your organizations Desktop App
CRM2011 Silverlight WebResource for User Settings Maintanance & Administration This utility allows a User with certain permissions to Update User Settings such as DefaultCalendarView, PagingLimit and ShowGetStartedPage. Managed Solution
Searchable Property Updater Maintanance & Administration Makes it easier to bulk change the “Active for advanced find” property of entities attributes Desktop App
CRM2011 Duplicate Detection Toolkit Maintanance & Administration Contains a set of stored procedures that allow to obtain a list of duplicates that can then be consolidated in a report. Stored procedures & report
CRM2011 Bulk Disassociation of 1:N relationship Records Maintanance & Administration CRM Solution which will allow User to remove child records from Parent Entity form and they need not go to individual child record form Managed and Unmanaged Solution
Export Import User Views Maintanance & Administration Silverlight application for Exporting and Importing user views between different Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 environments Managed Solution
Bulk refresh of user details from AD Maintanance & Administration Bulk update of user details from AD. Exposed as a ribbon button JavaScript
CRM Powershell Management pack Maintanance & Administration Set of additional cmdlets to manage CRM system Powershell Snap-in
Metablast Modelling & Documentation Runs through the CRM API to automatically generate a CSV file with all of the data fields for the entities that you specified. Console App
XRMVisioER Modelling & Documentation Generates ER model in Visio based on your CRM metadata Desktop App
CRM2011 Visio add-in: Business Unit Org Chart Modelling & Documentation This Visio 2010 addin connects to CRM Server, fetches all business units in the organization and draws an org chart. Visio add-in
Metadata Document Generator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Modelling & Documentation Metadata Document Generator makes it easier for Dynamics CRM 2011 integrators to generate documentation about entities and attributes metadata. Desktop App
CRM 2011 Metadata Browser Modelling & Documentation Silverlight 4 application that is packaged as a Managed CRM 2011 Solution. Allows you to view metadata within CRM including Entities, Attributes and Relationships. Can export to Excel. Managed Solution
CRM 2011 ERD Designer Modelling & Documentation Silverlight 4 application that is packaged as a Managed CRM 2011 Solution. Allows you to build ERD (Entity relationship diagrams) that are dynamically updated based on the published CRM entities and Fields. Supports printing. Managed Solution
CrmXpress RunAs GUI Other Allows you to create profiles with username and password reducing time for testing with different users. Desktop App
Dynamics XRM Tools Other Toolset containing following utilities: Odata Query Designer, MetadataBrowser, Trace Tool, Statistics, CRM4 To CRM2011 JS Converter. Managed Solution
MSCRM 2011 – Send report in pdf format as attachment in email Other Send report in pdf format as attachment in email. The main idea for creating it as console application was the ability to run it with windows task scheduler on a timely basis. Console App
Quickly Create Users in AD from CSV Other Creates Active Directory users from CSV list powershell script
CRM2011 Autonumbering Solution Plugins This is a Solution for crm 2011 for autonumbering the configurated entity. Unmanaged Solution
CRM 2011 Plugin Testing Tools Plugins This Solution is meant to make unit testing of plugins in CRM 2011 a simpler and more efficient process. Plugin and VS class
Plugin Registration Console Application Plugins You can now register your plugins and custom workflow activities from a command line, within Visual Studio from the post-build event or from a TFS Build post-build event. Console App
Microsoft CRM PluginQuickDeploy Plugins This tool is made for speeding up your plugin development against Microsoft CRM 2011. Console App
Advanced CRM 2011 Auto Number Plugins Advanced CRM 2011 Auto Number is the most advanced auto number Solution for CRM 2011 Online, On-Premise and Partner Hosted (IFD). Managed Solution
Solution Import Solution Management Makes it to import a Solution Zip file or a extracted Solution folder to the server in one single operation Desktop App
Dynamics CRM 2011 Versionhandler Solution Management Getting all you customizations under versioncontrol in TFS has never been more simple. Requires Team Explorer Plugin
SiteMap Editor UI customization For editing sitemap Desktop App
CRM 2011 Visual Ribbon Editor UI customization For editing ribbon, shows preview as well Desktop App
View Layout Replicator UI customization Helps copying the layout of a view and pasting it to the layout of other views in the same entity Desktop App
CRM 2011 Workflow Utilities Workflows Custom workflow activities for CRM 2011 for: Delete record, Share or “unshare” a record, Insert hyperlink to a CRM record, Managed Solution
CRM Manipulation Library Workflows Set of custom workflow activities to solve equations, date calculations, manipulates strings, perform regex ) formatting & matching Custom Workflow Activity
CRM2011 Views and Filters Toolkit Workflows custom workflow activities to help manage views, filters, filter templates and local data groups Managed and Unmanaged Solution
CRM 2011 Distribute Workflow Activity Workflows This plugin allows to execute a workflow for each entity that has a 1:N or N:N relationship to a given entity Managed and Unmanaged Solution
Workflow Automation Workflows Schedule worfklows via Task Scheduler Console App
CRM2011 Share Record Code Activity Workflows A simple custom workflow activity to share any record that can be shared or remove sharing to any record in CRM 2011. Custom Workflow Activity


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