Notes for Freshers

Dynamics 365 CRM is such a technology which can be easy to learn. But as a Fresher its difficult (not that much) to get a job because it needs some basic working knowledge in C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript etc. Here is a list of technologies and links which is required for freshers to be a master in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Although to be Dynamics 365 Consultant its not necessary to learn .NET but an experienced .NET Professional can be a good Dynamics CRM Professional. So my suggestion to freshers is to be a master in .NET programming. Once you will be experienced in .NET Programming then there is a chance to start a career in Dynamics CRM in a easy way.

Follow the below points to get familiar then Getting a JOB is easy

Technologies you need to learn:

Microsoft.NET C# Microsoft ASP.NET HTML & CSS JavaScript
You need to learn OOPS, Microsoft.NET C#, Console Application, Class Library, ASP.NET Web App, You need to learn HTML You need to learn HTML and CSS You need to learn JavaSript
You need to learn JQuery You need to learn XML You need to learn IIS You need to learn SQL


Tools you need to learn:

Visual Studio SQL Mgmt. Studio XRM Tool BOx Ribbon Workbench
You need to learn Visual Studio You need to learn HTML You need to learn XRM Toolb You need to learn Ribbon Workbench


  1. Get experience working with C#.NET, ASP.NET, Javascript, HTML, SQL Server
  2. Get familiar with Visual Studio, TFS & CRM SDK, Learn Dynamics CRM
  3. Get your hands dirty working with Free Trial Version of Dynamics CRM
  4. Participate in Dynamics CRM Forum

If you are experienced then search jobs in Experienced JOB Section.

Best of Luck for your JOB Career.