Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Web Development Tutorials

CRM Testing Best Practices

Testing is the important part of every development project. Here we will discuss what are the best practices we should follow before delivering a project. Please follow the best practices for testing CRM projects. Honestly the Unit testing in Dynamics CRM Customization is underutilized by developers. But there are always a way to do unit […]

CRM JavaScripts Form Validations

Here is some ready made JS function that we can use in our web pages or form. Validate a Mandatory Field [code language=”css”] function CheckRequiredFields() { if (document.getElementById("txtMobile").value== "") { alert("Value is Required !"); return false; } } [/code] Allow Only Numeric Values [code language=”css”] function IsNumericKey(e) { var inputvalue = window.event.keyCode; if (inputvalue > […]

CRM Build & Release Best Practice

The below best practices should be followed while preparing build and release for Dynamics CRM application.   Please follow the below steps for Build Best Practice: Automatic Build preparation is recommended for CRM. here is a detailed step by step article in this regard. Use Solution Packager tool to Compress and Extract a solution zip file.  Check […]

CRM Deployment Best Practice

While Deploying Dynamics CRM Solutions we should follow the proven best practices and some pre and post deployment check lists to ensure a proper deployment. The deployment best practices depends on the deployments you choose, as there are different considerations for each. As an overview, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premises you would have to install, […]

Exception Best Practice

Handling exceptions is very crucial in our dynamics projects. Handling exceptions is an important part of any development effort. Prevention is better then cure. As a developer I always try to prevent errors or exceptions but sometimes there will be exceptions beyond control so we have to handle this type of exceptions correctly. Handling Exceptions […]

Javascript Best Practices

While Customizing CRM in client side you should follow the below best practices. Do not directly edit scripts in script editor window of CRM. Always use Visual studio to edit so that you can figure out the syntax errors properly. Limit the number of Script libraries your form references. Performance can lag when you view […]

CRM Security Best Practices

Security Matrix in Dynamics CRM is a very crucial area to take special attention. In the machine.config and web.config configuration files you can determine whether debugging is enabled, and also if detailed error messages are sent to the client. You should make sure that debugging is disabled on all production servers, and that a generic […]

Realtime workflow in CRM

Overview Similar to asynchronous workflows, real-time workflows can be used to model and automate real world business processes. They can optionally require user input, can start automatically based on specified event conditions, or can be started manually by a user. Real-time workflows are for business users, for example business analysts, to implement similar functionality to […]

Auditing in Dynamics CRM

Overview Organizations often need to be in compliance with various regulations to ensure availability of customer interaction history, audit logs, access reports, and security incident tracking reports. Organizations may want to track changes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM data for security and analytical purpose. Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports an auditing capability where entity and attribute data […]

CRM Solution Entity Segments

Hello Friend!!! This is a tutorial explains an exciting feature on solution management (Solution Segmentation) in CRM 2016. With solution segmentation we can now export solutions with selected entity assets (fields, forms, views, etc.) rather than entire entities with all the assets. This helps a lot as previously if we were required to deploy a […]

Open Google from CRM

Hello Friends, This tutorial will tell you how to open an external web page from your CRM system. Here We are customizing a CRM entity with some form script to open the page. Here you can learn below points. CRM Custom Solution Form Scripts Entity Customization Event Binding Open External URL from CRM Publishing Customization Check […]

CRM 2016 Screen Walkthrough

Hello Friends, This tutorial is a walk though on the options available in new version of CRM 2016. Here we will discuss the the menu options available and the additional options.   Please check this video tutorial for the walk through. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe the YouTube channel for more tutorials.

SQL Query for System JOB CRM

Hello Friend, this article will explain about the system jobs ( Workflows, Dialogs, Imports etc.) in a details view using SQL query. The asyncoperation table stores details of system jobs (including asyn plugins). The following table details some of the different job types that are stored in the table. The below query can be used […]

Deal with Slow Performed CRM

Hello Friends !!! Welcome to another CRM article which will explain how to deal with slow performance in Dynamics CRM. Check out Microsoft white paper on optimization for Dynamics CRM 2011. For CRM 2015 & 2016 click here to download from Microsoft site. Some important whitepapers you can find here Troubleshoot the slow performed CRM forms using […]

Understanding POA in CRM

PrincipalObjectAccess (POA) table is an important table which holds all grants share on CRM objects. This is just for understanding purpose. SELECT TOP 100 [PrincipalObjectAccessId] ,[PrincipalId] ,[PrincipalTypeCode] ,[ObjectId] ,[ObjectTypeCode] ,[AccessRightsMask] ,[InheritedAccessRightsMask] FROM [PrincipalObjectAccess] WITH (NOLOCK) PrincipalObjectAccessId – The GUID of share record. PrincipalId – The GUID of the User or Team receiving the Share. PrincipalTypeCode […]

Email Validation Javascript

Dynamics CRM has alreaady an inbuilt email address validation mechanism but if you have any custom entity or to do a robust email validation on out-of-the-box fields then you can use the below script. function validateEmail() { //replace the attribute used to suit your field var email = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“emailaddress1”).getValue(); if(email != “”) {   var […]

Duplicate Detection Rules Trick

Automatic simply means that you can’t repair it yourself. If you have worked on Duplicate Detection Rules then I am pretty much sure that you have faced this scenario. Now let me tell what exactly I want to notice here. Suppose you have an Entity “Customer” and you have configured two published duplicate detection rules […]

Send Email in Dynamics CRM

Change your thoughts and you change your world.– Norman Vincent Peale Sometimes we need to send Emails to the required attendees for an appointment. To achieve this either we can create an Email activity or we can directly configure a step Send Email in workflow. Here we will discuss how to use Send Email step in […]

Retrieve More than 5000 records

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. – Shakespeare We write codes to customize Dynamics CRM by fetching required data from CRM organization. But there are some record count limitation and we will discuss here. We can retrieve data using FetchXML, Query Expression, OData and SOAP techniques. But […]

MSD CRM 2013 TOP 15 Helpful Resources

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. – William Shakespeare Welcome again to this blog on CRM 2013 to check all related resources of CRM 2013. Hope you guys also suggest to add any more resource site for better compilation and to help Dynamics CRM Developers and Consultants. Here is a […]