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TOP Tools for CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015

Top useful tools for Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 & 2015 Name URL PFE Core Library for 2011 / 2013 / 2015 Download Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor Download CRM 2011 / 2013 /2015 Code Generator for VS Download CRM Chart Map for 2011 / 2013 Download CRM 2013 SDK Download CRM 2015 SDK Download XRM […]

Difference between CRM Online & On-Premise

There are some key differences between these two versions. Here we will discuss which concepts are different in both these online & On-Premise versions. Features Dynamics CRM Online (Cloud) Dynamics CRM On-Premise  Direct SQL DD Access  Access to SQL Views  No Direct Access  Data Storage  Available Storage  Limited Storage  Workflows Count  200 Custom Workflows & […]

TOP 10 CRM Articles of the Week

A very very happy Christmas to all out there. Enjoy your life with family and friends. Let have the top 10 articles which are very popular of Maestro. SQL Database facts of Dynamics CRM – In Details What’s New in Dynamics CRM 2013 with 2015 & 2016 for Developers Client Scripts in Dynamics CRM using XRM, […]

SQL Database facts of Dynamics CRM – In Details

SQL Server is the back end database of the Dynamics CRM web application. The complex database architecture ensures all the security features . Follow this link how to extend Dynamics CRM application in a detailed explanation. Here we will discuss how tables and views are organized in SQL level when CRM is installed. Sometimes we directly […]

What’s New in CRM 2013

The countdown has already started for a brand new year 2016 and Microsoft has already released CRM 2016 version. So much fun ahead. Many CRM developers are still working with CRM 2011 and now its time to upgrade the CRM knowledge with brand new features. Sample Code Link Microsoft is always understands customer and users pain areas […]

Configuration Best Practice

Dynamics CRM has opened a wide space for configuration and its really fun configuring CRM. But the important thing is to properly configure the system which will look consistent. Dynamics CRM and Microsoft applications are well known for its User Interface and Its best practice to follow the legacy UI rules of Microsoft that’s why […]

CRM 2011 V/S 2013 V/S 2015

Here is a list of differences between 3 mega versions of Dynamics CRM. Features CRM 2011 CRM 2013 CRM 2015 User Interface Contextual Ribbon Bar. CRM Functional groups like Sales, Services, Marketing, Workplace etc. are at bottom left of the home screen. Pop up windows are more. Ribbon Bar is replaced by top Command Bar […]

Customization Best Practice

A cleaver developer thinks configuration first before customization Although Dynamics CRM provides flexibility to customize the solution, we need to be very cautious customizing the CRM objects. A cleaver developer chooses configuration first instead of customization. So always think twice if a specific task can be configured first than you go for customization. Follow the below points […]

Performance Best Practice

A well performed CRM system earns millions of happy customers. Performance is a factor which comes first in every software implementation and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not an exception. For a successful CRM implementation we must follow some proven practices. The below best practices ensures better performance in CRM implementation. Let’s explore the performance booster ideas. […]

Using CrmSvcUtil.exe

A Magic is just a stick and brain that’s all. Using the magic tool CrmSvcUtil.exe which can be found in Bin folder of CRM SDK (download). This is very easy way to create CRM organisation entity proxy class which is used in the project. If you are using On-Premise CRM server type the below command […]

Sequencial GUID in C#

Using windows UuidCreateSequential method we can create sequential GUID while creating records in CRM if required. This is a C# code using an in-built method of rpcrt4.dll. I recommend to allow the system to create GUIDs without using custom code. But if requirement strictly demands then we can use the below c# code to generate sequential GUIDs. […]

MS CRM Best Practices

Best Software is the product of best practice – Maestro A successful Dynamics CRM implementation depends on the best practices followed during the development phase. For better performance every developer should follow some proven set of best practices. In my experience I did not followed the best practices very frequently following the policy “I know […]