9 Top Tools used by D365 CRM Developers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM developers use various software tools to make the day-to-day productivity more and more. Also these are the ways by which developers can customize the complex CM platform.

Below is a list of tools which are being used by dynamics CRM developers in day-to-day project works. These are listed below. Bonus Tool : Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit & Plugin Profiler

  1. Software Development ToolKit (SDK)
  2. Plugin Registration Tool
  3. XRM Toolbox
  4. Ribbon Workbench
  5. Sitemap Editor
  6. Metadata Browser
  7. OData Query Designer
  8. Fetch XML Builder
  9. CRMSVCUtil
Software Development ToolKit (SDK)

Microsoft offers a software development toolkit for Dynamics 365 CRM which can be downloaded from the official site Here freely. This SDK contains very useful resources and they are listed below.

  • Sample Codes
  • SDK Binaries (.DLLs)
  • Templates
  • Helper (.chm) help file
  • Schemas
  • Walkthroughs
  • Solutions

SDK provides most useful resources which makes the developers life easier. Codes for writing plugins, custom workflows, custom websites etc are readily available which developers can re-use with minor changes as per the business need.

Dynamics 365 SDK is ranked as first tool that every developers use in day-to-day development process while customizing to extend the application logic.

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